Sunday, April 16, 2017

Avocado & Lime Tuna Salad

A current staple at our park picnics these days due to how simple and delicious it is. Plus I love any excuse for more cilantro in my life.

Diced Avocado and Tuna mixed with:

Olive Oil
Red Onion
Sea Salt
Fresh Squeezed lemon (or Lime)


  1. This looks so good, I went right to the store to buy the ingredients! I have been in a lunch rut and was looking for something fresh and healthy, but still yummy and filling to take to work.
    Speaking of, I am a public school teacher. I can't pin point how I know this, but I get a really strong pro public school vibe from you. I think you have made comments, and I notice you always do really sweet things for your boys' teachers. With all the home schoolers and Montessoris on IG, it really means so much to follow a family that loves their public school and teachers! Cheers, Dina

    1. I'm glad Dina! Sometimes I feel silly posting such simple "recipes" like this on here but then I think how much I appreciate coming across new lunch ideas - as basic as they are at times - and figure others might too. This one in particular is a great (easy) summer dish. Hope it turned out well for you!

      And yes, you're right. I am very pro public school. In fact I have a post somewhere on here ("In defense of public schooling" I think it's called) detailing all the reasons why. I'm so happy to hear you read and can pick up on that here. We love our public school teachers!!