Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Watching 13 Reasons Why. Netflix's new series based on the best selling book detailing 13 reasons behind a high school girl's suicide. I caught wind of it during Leon's field trip this week when the teachers were discussing it's affects and explaining why they felt it was something they needed to watch with their older children. I'm 5 episodes in and although it has it's flaws it's an engrossing commentary on what it's like to be a teen in modern times. Each next chapter leaves me feeling a big mix of emotions but something I think we as parents should all be watching and discussing.

Reading Joan Didion's latest South and West. Which I hope to discuss more in full book review length here once I finish.

Fantasizing about a piece of this exhibit.

Wanting This One Bowl Recipe Cookbook because I'm a sucker for anything that claims one bowl anything.

Continuing the great feat of purging. Everything from clothing to home goods. All in the good name of downsizing. A challenge I'm taking in stride thanks to all the lovely feedback and support the post last week garnered. Thanks all you tiny house dwellers that read here!

Listening  (on repeat) to Kendrick Lamar's "Sit Down Be Humble" - his latest single that is singlehandedly restoring my faith in rap, AND rekindling vintage Hype Williams style in video form, which I love even more.

Contemplating this list of "37 things you'll regret when you're old" found via facebook here and likely worth five minutes of your time / regrets.

Wearing  (over and over again) the new second hand dress I scored via my friend Rose's vintage shop the Bull and the Rose that I adore.

Loving all the sweet summer basics for my babe courtesy of Chaboukie who hold stock in the cutest cotton muscle tees, leggings, tanks and rompers. Also conveniently with lots of stuff on sale right now.

Image via The Bull and The Rose


  1. Finally with a free hour I came by to read your small home post and catch up, and - I'm sooo happy you're loving the dress! I'm sure it looks completely gorgeous on you:) XXOO

    And wow - the Guggenheim exhibit looks amazing...

    1. Thanks Rose! I love it! It's the perfect summer staple. And of course the gorgeous extras sent along too.

    2. Thank you, J! (ps - I wanted to include a few prints to choose from, but feel free to pass along any extras if you'd like) <3

  2. I am a school counselor who learned about the series 13 Reasons Why from a group of 7th grade girls who watched it over their spring break. I urge you as a mother (or a father, grandmother, guardian, big sister, friend) to read some critical reviews of the project. I have included the link to one article I sent to all the parents at our school and all the counselors in our district. In this day and age where kids see suicide as a viable coping response to life's hardships, we want to make sure that we aren't fostering that idea in any way.

    Rachel in Salt Lake City