Tuesday, June 20, 2017


When the good folks at The Cambria Beach Lodge invited us to their hotel a couple months ago I worried first (like I do anytime we get an invitation of this nature) they maybe they don't realize how many kids I actually have, but figured eventually - once I realized they were ok with us all, it was the perfect excuse to get out of town just as the school year came to an end and the stresses of escrow appeared to be wrapping up as well. Plus the lodge boasts a low key surf friendly vibe which seems easily suited to our crew. The fact that in all my years road tripping up the coast, I'd never been to Moonstone beach, made me that much more exited to head up there this season especially. Which I adore because the blanket of fog covers the coastline and I can drive all day long in that scenery with a good soundtrack on my side. Which is what I did. Along with my niece who tagged along and always seems to bring a calm balance to the bunch whenever she does. 

A few things I learned about Cambria during the three days we were there is:

- Moonstone feels like a little slice of heaven with all those stunning rocks scattering the beach and staggering wood stairways taking you from the cliffs to shore.

- The driftwood (in addition to the rocks) is prettier than any other beach else I've met (we brought home buckets full of both) and they are currently piled on our mantle in the new house. 

- The town is small but inviting and the sandwich and ice cream shops downtown do not disappoint.

- Lobster bisque, while delicious, is too rich for me. 

- The Nitt Whitt Ridge house back story is worth the read, and visit: "Purchased by Arthur Harold Beal in 1928, this “castle on a hill” was perfected using only a pick and shovel. Beal made good use of his job, as a garbage collector, taking natural minerals that were tossed away and beach debris to accentuate the Ridge.

- Population in town is approximately 6,100

- The seal lions down the road at San Simeon are far stinkier than they are cute. But the picnic benches on site by the beach are an ideal place to park a picnic. 

- The Beach Lodge being across the street from the beach is even more convenient than I expected. Mostly because the air is so cool and brisk up there this time of year it allows you to dart into the lobby for some hot chocolate or to warm our hands by the fire place when you need a break from the cold. 

- The name Cambria, chosen in 1869, is the Latin name for Wales.


In short, it was a lovely trip, briefer of course than I'd prefer, but isn't that always the case when it comes to these gorgeous coastal beach town visits? Good news is we'll be back. And when we do, it'll be at the lodge. Where I know know we can count on good rates, friendly staff, buckets full of moonstones, and hot chocolate at brunch with a hazy, brooding ocean view in June.


  1. I enjoy your posts on your blog and instagram soooo much....I actually look forward to them. I was wondering if you could share your soundtrack. Possibly on Spotify? The songs on instagram stories made me curious.

    1. Thank you!! And yes,The soundtrack is on Spotify under house Inhabit (summer soundtrack) I've been listening to it for a year straight :D

    2. Thanks!!! Enjoy your summer with your wonderful boys!!!

  2. Oh, this looks like a lovely little gem of a place! Love that driftwood!

  3. It really is! And the drift wood is exceptional here. I think I took too much.

  4. Haha so agree about the stinky seals. That smell is deep! My daughter got married at San Carpaforo beach a year and a half ago and we used Cambria as home base. I'll never forget exploring Moonstone Beach the day after, with that sweet sadness hanging over me that comes with your kids growing up. Cambria does need a few good food spots though. I'm confident those are coming.

  5. i love it. now i want to go!

  6. Me again...anonymous before and now I posted in a very old screen name that I didn't even know I still had. I'm quite enjoying your blog! It seems your posts keep hitting close to home for me. Growing up, we had a beach house in Cambria. After my parents divorced my mom moved my two much younger siblings to live in the beach house. She bought the little grocery store in down town Cambria and ran that for a couple of years. After finding she did not enjoy being a grocer, she ended up opening an art gallery called "What is Art". She had that gallery for 10 years. Eventually it was unsustainable as a business, closed shop and no longer lives in the area.

    I never lived there, but I visited often. I was never a fan of the area. I think it was too laid back and out of the way for my younger self. I also tend to shy away from places where the sun hides more often then it is out. If I'm being honest, the divorce probably played a bigger role in my feelings for Cambria. I guess it was inevitable that I would have negative feelings associated with wherever it is my mother moved away.

    Also, I just stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge a few months ago. It was for a small business retreat. The walls in the place are paper thin! There was a couple in the next room having a fight like I've never heard before...and I heard every word! Anyway, kind of a cool little lodge right in the middle of a neighborhood.

    Thanks for the post!